Dragon Ball Super episode 10 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 10 : “Show Me Goku! The Power of Super Saiyan God!”


  • Lukas Plümpe

    Mam crapped przypadkowo w spodniach.

  • Lukas Plümpe

    Mam moje dżinsy zbyt wkurzony .


    this shit just aint gangsta

  • Deepankur Chopra

    Is super saiyan god (goku) powerful as much as beerus sama

    • Andrey Dikit

      I would say… no. Beerus has been a around a freakishly long time and is fully accustomed to god power. Goku has only started gaining god power. He doesn’t have the experience Beerus has, and may never will.

  • Max

    lol buu is looking beat up

  • Mirias Gates

    Oi, that Kamehameha didn’t blow up the planet?…

  • Phuc Yu

    ok, 3 things:
    1) Ever since the frieza arc, Goku could destroy a planet in his base form and now they are amazed because SSG could split some waves?!
    2) Did the creators forget that Goku can teleport?
    3)How the fuck can Bulma run faster than everyone else???

    • Mooshoo Pork

      1) waves are stronger than planets…obvio
      2) instant transmission dawwwg get it right
      3) cuz she’s 98% hot gas

    • Christopher M McHenry

      Never mess with a pissed off female, especially Bulma. Goku is afraid of 2 people in all the multiverse – Bulma & ChiChi.