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  • Donivan Biggs


    • Naakg

      I get first reply then *laughing while regretting choices in life*

      • ibro

        you both need a life lmao what has the world come to….

  • Unofficial Release

    i also have dbs site but low traffic support me guys dragonballway.com

  • Creative Copycat
    • Benny Wong

      a bit dissapoint they didn’t mention freiza this week 🙁

  • Nikiforos Xrhstakhs

    no subs…

    • Shawn Doiron

      its live. no subs till 1-2hs after

  • U$A_Bandit

    Upvote if you would like 2 new episodes release instead of 1. I think that format could do us good being that some of these episodes have nothing going on in them.

    • Zardock

      Yeah this is one of the things that’s bugging me the most about Dragon Ball Super. These episodes are already short enough like 20 minutes and they fill up as much as possible ‘camera panning’ and such where nothing’s going on and so it feels like only 10 minutes of actual content.

      • U$A_Bandit

        Yea bro I was in my car hotboxing while watching the new episode on my phone and was a little disappointed. I had my full can of Pringles and Arizona drink hoping for some major shit to pop off in this episode. I guess we will see next week.

        • Florisel Gana

          Yeah, I agree, but seems to be more exciting and worth waiting… Patience is all we need..

        • HTX 713

          I was doing the same exact thing but with a Big Red and Some Doritos jalepeno cheddar crackers. I mean, idk but I got a lil excitement from this episode bro. Or maybe just the fact that, the idea of watching DBS and hotboxing is complemented with some munchies and something to wash the cotton mouth with lol

          • U$A_Bandit

            Yea man hotboxing watching DBS is gon be the new trend sweeping the nation if its not already. Im not even gon lie in the midst of smoking and watching i was excited too it was just at the end i felt like there could have been more to it in the episode. DBS SMOKERS UNITE!

          • d3rd3vil

            Well watching on a small shitty handy is not really the best way….

          • shade825

            i put my old 32 inch on my pc till a can buy my wide/stretched monitor

          • JMan

            Dudesters, it’s not just the nation … I’m all the way in the middle east and experiencing the same … Lol, I’m gonna eat now :’D

            Fuck yeah … DBS SMOKERS UNITE!

        • BQ

          I’m literally hotboxing right now and was also disappointed! Lol.

        • Kyle Joultz

          lol i feel your pain broi! I’ve waited a whole week and was pretty disappointed especially since we had the Sailor Moon nightmare last week. On the bright side this means that they must be working on some pretty cool stuff for next week. Gohas is so getting a new form!

          • U$A_Bandit

            Yea bro i cant wait!

          • d3rd3vil

            Bullshit we all shit on Gohan the noname shit fighter who has to do nothing to improve

          • shade825

            this one wasnt too bad, got to see gohan, and 17 really fight. still need to see piccolo have a real fight, he has the biggest bag of tricks. we need to see freiza have a good fight too. maybe vs vegeta? im getting sick of goku being the guy

        • ibro

          bro that sneak peak for the next episode more than makes up for it imo

      • jacbo

        i agree with u guys.. 1 episode is just like 15 mins.. :/ i cant get enough waiting for 1 week

      • Myleage

        so much filler time with the zen-oh’s using their ipads, is so annoying

      • Robert Smith


      • ibro

        mate you should be counting you blessing that they dont do a 5min intro and 3 min catch up like one piece and a super slow story progression to milk it…i know dbs is a milking but it aint that bad comparing to other animes nowadays…

      • 50c

        If all of us here actually paid for what we are watching then it could happen.

      • Die

        lets be honest guys what right do we have to demand more we pirate the fuck out of their work

    • Guyver01

      So you’re fine with waiting 2 weeks for an episode of DBS? The thing you don’t get is that these episodes are translated and subbed as soon as they air over in Japan.

    • Pottie

      How about you draw the required 414000 drawings for 2 episodes? Let’s see you pull that out bro il subscribe to your youtube channel

      • DellIntel

        Is that why they cancel an episode for holidays or events? They don’t delay it by one day, they delay a whole week or more.

        • Mak Pop

          1 episode a week in 2017 LUL, they dragging that shit way too long alrdy.

        • ibro

          they delay it by a week since the programme scedule for japan tv is packed and they are given slots only at certain times so they cant just show it the next day it needs to be the specific day and time slots

      • Deathstar

        You do realize that not all animation companies are reasonable right? You can’t always think that every single one of them is fair with the amount and quality of content released.

        • Daniel Martin

          You are also aware that they make episodes in advance right? They produce a number of episodes in advance, but at the same time, they are also working on multiple episodes as well, since it takes at least a month or more to make a SINGLE EPISODE!

          • Deathstar

            You entirely missed the point in my comment, I was in no way denying how hard it is to produce episodes. People are always sticking up for companies regardless if they are or aren’t being dodgy, I am simply trying to tell them that it is possible for a company to not be fair.

          • 86niisan8686

            are you stupid?
            if it takes more than 1 month to make 1 episode, they would have to have started making DBS episodes in 2008

            also, if it takes more than 1 month to make 1 episode, why do they show them weekly?

          • Daniel Martin

            It takes a month to make an episode give or take. It takes a minimum of two years at least to make a single season of an anime. Give or take.

            However, here’s the real kicker: They work on MULTIPLE EPISODES AT THE SAME TIME! They have MULTIPLE teams working on MULTIPLE episodes for a SINGLE anime. A studio with dozens say, dozens of people working on different things, would be able to get all the work done pretty quickly.

            We could have say, one team working on just animating a single episode and another team working on the next.

            They have an organized system that works for them…tell me, do you also know how hard Mangakas work?

            Here’s an average mangaka WEEKLY schedule. https://31.media.tumblr.com/72800a47e35297b42bf30e07f812041e/tumblr_inline_miwgx6dMtD1qz4rgp.jpg And these guys I believe also work ahead enough as well. Because they have a tremendous amount of work to do.

            Animation and Art isn’t an easy line of work to be in. Nor is writing. Shut your face before you speak.

      • hemo

        these days they use 3d animation biped with overlay to animate anime’s, what would take months now takes weeks, in theory one month can produce 5 episodes with a team of ten members.

        • lighto

          If you weren’t so dumb you would know that if they would release 2 episodes per week they would quickly run out of episodes that were already animated, not only that but DBS isn’t even drawn digitally it still is drawn on paper

          • if you weren’t so dumb

            if you weren’t so dumb you’d stop say “if you weren’t so dumb”

      • Gekkii Gaming

        If you weren’t so dumb, a good anime always draws all their episodes before they post it. They won’t just release it all at once. They want to keep us waiting in anticipation.

        • shade825

          thats all tv shows

    • jacobo

      if that’s the case we have to wait 2 weeks per 2 episodes

    • aleks


    • Kevin

      Wait for few episodes to be out and watch them all at the sametime this is what I just did I stopped watching DBS from episode 90 I just watched all of them in a row good time…

      I don’t think I’ll be able to do that again thought since each episodes are actually good right now. lol…

  • http://Godspeed2.com Godspeed2

    Next week should be lit


    Hit better win! For me the real fight will be between Hit, the purple Elite force alien dud, Goku and maybe Frieza.

    • FearTheSponge

      There are multiple people who are at or can be around Goku’s level.

      Jiren, Hit, Toppo, 17, Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta are all around Goku’s level.

      Then you have potentials like the Thanos looking guy in the universe with the sailor moon parody characters, that guy might end up weak but he also seems like he has the potential to be strong and was even highlighted when they showed their universe the first time all together at the beginning of the tournament.

      And a few other characters can prove to be up to par as well.
      I’d rather more powerful people exist because it’ll make the cast more diverse and not just a bunch of saya-jin, 17, Frieza, and 3 guys from other unvierses.

      Think about it, there are 4 people of great power in universe 7 (goku, vegeta, 17, and frieza) while 11 has 2, 6 has 1, and that’s all you want? I want most of the universes to at least have 1 strong character in their universes. That way for future villains we can have some help from other universes and the cast for video games also improves.

      • d3rd3vil

        I dont like Gohan but Gohan is also at 17 Frieza level….
        And the only real endfight will be Goku vs. Jiren, with Goku needing more than his best Kaioken so its gonna be off the chart. However with Hit improving during a fight he still should be an extremely hard opponent….for whom? Maybe Vegeta, or Gohan or even Jiren takes out Hit?

        • FearTheSponge

          No Gohan is weaker than Frieza and 17.

          Lol at Gohan beating Hit, that’ hilarious, Gohan is weak shit.

          • d3rd3vil

            Well I thought so too and still hope he isnt the main protagonist here the only fear is the outro showing him fresh besides a broken Goku. I dont like it. And we’ve seen Gohan fighting Goku SSB for a short time and he wasnt weaker…at least thats what it looked like during that short intermezzo

          • FearTheSponge

            Ssj blue lets you control your power level freely


    Watches preview: WTF! Hit is getting his a$$ wooped by the rabbit guy? And Goku at his Kioken (however you say it) form and they are having a hard time!?!?! I call BS!

    • Chanses Armstrong

      Thats Super Saiyan God, not kaioken

    • Marcus Shaw

      ur dumb

    • d3rd3vil

      Seems like Jiren might be involved…ofc their having a hard time ^^ and maybe that rabbit guy knows how to easily counterattack Hits attacks

  • BootyTheDuck

    wtf why are the episodes longer than the actual tournament lmao

    • orson tamin

      Dragon Ball has always been like that. Remember how many episodes it took for Namek to explode in Frieza Saga?

      • LegendaryUub

        I bet he doesn’t even watched DBZ! 🙂

    • Aphophis

      Basically, if the episodes were in real time, we wouldnt even be able to see anything because the fighters are moving at past supersonic speeds. The time is actually slowed down so we can see them fight. Thats why 1min in the episode=1 hour irl. If it wasnt, we would probably just see an empty arena without any fighters.

    • FearTheSponge

      Because their perception of time and speed is faster than we are being shown.
      Master Roshi and Kid Krillin had a whole fight, conversation, sneeze and spitting back and forth, and played rock paper scissors, then master roshi hit him away, all in a blink of an eye.

  • JUX

    I hope 37 minutes means 37 more episodes lol

    • ItxHuNK

      was thinking the same

    • Omark

      no it doesnt. It started i belive at 80 hours and is already down to 37.

      • Hitoku

        It actually started at 45 minutes I believe.

        • noice

          48 minutes***

    • ibro

      i hope the opposite since my brain disfunctions everytime they announce the time since it is complete bs like how can that long of a fight be a flipping minute bro?!

      • Marvz Ewanko

        It’s a battle royale, things are happening at the same time, and at high speeds, just slowed down for us puny humans. So the times are sort of plausible

      • shade825

        they are super fast lol

        • ibro

          that is a lie and you know it bro…they are literally the dumbiest things ever they sit there for literally 10 seconds hovering over the the last guy in that universe’s team even though it should be painfully obvious that he is the guy since everyone else isnt lit up anymore but noooooo dumb ass Zen-oh has to sit thinking like a retard and wasting my patience and brain cells

          • shade825

            It was a joke about the fighters speed…

    • Hyper Alpha

      lol from the episode 101, the narrator said 38 min left (episode 102 came but the narrator didnt said how much min left), episode 103 came today and said 37 min left lol, seems they made 1 episode= 30 sec

  • Guyver01

    We all already know that Goku and them are going to win AND that they’ll use the super dragon balls to wish back all the other universes so they can have another battle royale in a year or so.

    • HTX 713

      Spot on. Its just fun to watch even though you and I know how it turns out

      • Julian Andres

        they can’t wish to bring back the other universes as once Zen Oh does something it cannot be undone or wished back

        • Pete

          The universal super dragon balls can revive the universes yes. As it was said during their first encounter that this Shenron was powerful enough to grant “any” wish.

          • TheTruth12123

            no its already been shown zeno can override the super dragon balls because zeno permantely killed the immortal zamasu

          • FearTheSponge

            That doesn’t mean anything, Zamasu is weaker than gods of destruction while the one who created the super dragonballs is probably arguably stronger than zeno.

          • TheTruth12123

            no thats not a fair argument because zeno erased the entire multiverse in its entirely

          • FearTheSponge

            And how does that prove your point?

          • TheTruth12123

            Its proves my point because zeno overrided the super dragon balls erased the super dragon balls and erased the super dragon ball creator if he is still alive

            if he isnt alive then he isnt even immortal like zeno. Their is no basis for the dragon ball creator being stronger than zeno when zeno erased his greatest creation

          • FearTheSponge

            Zero evidence that zeno overrides the super dragonballs. Zeno can destroy them again but he’d likely not do so, but they could be wished back anyway.

            There is no “you can’t create something zeno destroys”, it’s just destroyed then and with the super dragonballs you can recreate them, this is fact.

            1) No evidence he’s not alive
            2) No evidence zeno is immortal

            No one in dragonball is immortal really.

            “zeno erased his greatest creation”

          • TheTruth12123

            umm yes there is evidence zeno can overide the super dragon balls zamasu wished to be immortal yet zeno killed him. THAT IS DEFINITE PROOF ZENO CAN OVERRIDE THE SDB.

            yes their is evidence the SDB creator is not alive trunks timeline was erased completely. whis confirmed that the time ring for that multiverse was completely destroyed. everything and anything except zeno for that entire timeline was erased

            you have your logic backwards their is no evidence that isnt the case. when goku went to get zeno everything for trunks timeline was pitch white except zeno himself

            yes their evidence that zeno is immortal zeno doesnt have to die for a multiverse timeline to disappear.

            fan theories have to have credible evidence and their isnt any proof to the contrirary that zeno isnt the lord of everything. its been stated multiple times zeno simply cannot be defeated and all feats so far point in that direction

          • FearTheSponge

            Zeno can erase reality.
            The Super Dragonballs can make any wish, which would involve bringing reality back.

            Zamasu lost his immortality when he fused with Goku Black because he suddenly became a chimera of someone who is immortal and someone who isn’t immortal, ie why he started to turn into a weird green (I believe) clayface looking guy.

            There is no overriding anyway, zeno simply erases through sheer power, that is all, you can create something back once it’s erased with the super dragon balls, it’s really that simple.

            Now can Zeno destroy the super dragonballs, that might be up to debate, but the super dragonballs can create any wish.

            Anyway all that proves is that zeno can tank his own attacks.

            But yeah, zeno is depicted as a kid with relatively all mighty power, while the guy who created the super dragonballs seems to not even be in the picture. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he is Zeno’s father or something like that, we have to remember that this is dragonball, ie the person who created the whole concept of dragonballs has to be quite something, especially considering he essentially created something that can do anything.

            All we know is that Grand Priest views himself as one of the top 6 people in the multi-verse and he is subordinate to Zeno, though Whis is also subordinate to Beerus, but I’ll be willing to accept that Zeno > Grand Priest

            But yeah, it’s fair to assume Zeno didn’t create the multi-verse.

          • TheTruth12123

            No zamasu was immortal trunks killed the mortal portions of goku body but the sprit zamasu was the immortal zamasu

            even if you can bring something back thats been erased zeno can re erase it.

            can you use the dragon balls to kill zeno I highly doubt it because zeno has already shown is power is superior to the sdb

            I agree zeno probably didnt create the multi verse.

          • FearTheSponge

            No evidence zamasu does because of the theory he took over zeno as well. Zamasu who took the universe over also was fused zamasu and not immortal zamasu so yet again you fail. Yes he can re erase it but he probably wouldn’t cuz it was fun. Though they could be brought back again anyway. He didn’t show his power is superior, he didn’t kill a fully immortal zamasu and it’s not even proven he killed zamasu. Realistically he should have taken over zamasu of he took over the multiverze aye?

          • TheTruth12123

            zamasu was completely immortal trunks killed the semi immortal body of fused zamasu witch was the goku black portions.

            he came back as the spirit zamasu because zamasu existience is immortal per wish of the super dragon balls

            zeno killed permentely zamasu this was confirmed by the gods and whis

            their no point in arguing with trolls

          • FearTheSponge

            I’d go one further even by claiming that maybe even the incomplete immortal zamasu (due to fusion with a non immortal being) is not actually dead/erased, the theory exists that he did in fact take Zeno over as well when he took over everything and that he is actually the left handed zeno while the right handed zeno is the original.

        • Droidboy

          Speculation. There’s no definitive answer to if it’s possible or not.

    • Vlad Nedved

      It’d be too predictable. Don’t underestimate the brain of Toriyama so there’ll be plot twists

      • Droidboy

        If it isn’t that, then somehow they teamup and defeat zeno? I mean, our characters don’t die. Otherwise DBS is over.

      • Rogue_assassin

        goku tries using the dragon balls to wish eveyone back but grand priest comes in the way
        Hows that for a plot twist

    • FearTheSponge

      It’d be kind of cool if another universe won and did that, say imagine if 6 did that, or 11, or 4.

  • Xavier Lucky

    Well, that end was sad as fuck…especially seeing the erased universes angel looking sad.

    • LegendaryUub

      now I really wanna hear the people saying the angels are evil!

      • FearTheSponge

        Angel is a race.
        The universe 9 angel was happy
        The 10 was unhappy
        Vados I don’t see caring about universe 6 but maybe
        Whis would care about 7.

        • The Diamond Pig

          i dont think whis would care much but i say he’d care about the food, definetly.

          • Greenix

            i think Whis has some empathy to universe 7 he would care and I…I actually was sad too that universe 10 gone because Gowasu and all that shit that happened with black Goku like they had history together..sort of..gowasu and universe 10’s god of destruction seemed nice+their angel was sad made me sad too D:

          • blitzcloud

            gowasu almost destroyed the multiverse thanks to his indulgence towards his apprentice. Guy was a bit incompetent as a Kaioshin.

          • FearTheSponge

            Whis cares a lot actually, you can tell, even beerus he has a close relationship with.

          • d3rd3vil

            I dont think the name is relevant

    • MrChanw 11


    • Droidboy

      2nd time, and it felt just as sad though.

      It is depressing to think about billions of animals and races just gone. Poof.

      And then Gohan and Goku have the assume they inherently killed them, even though they didn’t.

      They will be revived via super dragon balls, theres no way around it. But still, it’s sad.

  • Noky Moya

    deymmmm i cant wait for the nxt episode

  • ItxHuNK

    i am hyped to see why will goku become ssg and if caulifla and kale will help him

  • Mark Luther Co

    No download button?

  • Johan The Unknown

    Let’s hope Goku doesn’t let his guard down around Hit.

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    RIP gowasu 🙁

  • N Spade

    Okay fine. Just casually gloss over the fact that in the next episode Goku is back to his Super Saiyan freakin’ God form. That’s cool.

    • FearTheSponge

      Ssj blue > Ssj God

      Ssj Blue is literally Ssj God stacked with Ssj.

      So think of it like this way, Ssj god is base god form, while Ssj Blue is Ssj god form.
      He’s using red probably because the opponent is strong but at the same time not enough to waste energy by turning into ssj blue.

      • d3rd3vil

        And how do you know….

        • lighto

          Unlike you, he actually payed attention to the show.

        • FearTheSponge

          When blue was introduced it was explained to be such, it’s literally called super saya-jin god super saya-jin

      • Mayukh Mondal

        Umm… SSB is a super saiyan form with the powers of a SSG… But it has limits on its powers.. But Goku himself said in his fight against Beerus that SSG has no limits.. So according to me..


        • FearTheSponge

          That’s objectively wrong, Goku just was pretty much peaked at his top strength more or less with ssj 3 and when he got ssj god he realized how much power he could get, that is all.

          Ssj blue is >>>>>>> Ssj God

          Ssj Blue is literally ssj god + ssj.

          But yeah, you’re wrong.

          • d3rd3vil

            Hope not and dont think so. SS God has to be stronger otherwise I dont see the reason to transform into it now. SS Blue can be regulated weve seen it dozenw of times…if he needs a bit more power and more and more he goes SS blue….the logic behind it saying SS God drains less stamina now all of a sudden is bullshit. On the other hand the writers are mostly bullshit so might happen ^^

          • FearTheSponge

            Ssj god is being used becaude the enemy is strong but not strong enough to justify ssj blue. It drains less, vegeta was even explained in the manga as losing to hit because he only flashed his ssj blue to cabba earlier in the arc. Goku is just preserving power while doing some fanservice. But yeah goku uses it all the time in the manga

  • James Deveaux

    6:52 – They didn’t edit Goku out very well there…

    • EffectToDaCozz

      if you go frame by frame… you’ll notice he jumped out.

  • Creative Copycat
  • James Deveaux

    What the actual fuck? Goku goes regular Super Saiyan God? And he does this now of all times for what reason? I really hate the logic of the writers.

    • Tempo

      They don’t have to do the same ritual over and over, he did it once that was enough. Just like when he went super saiyan the first time, he has better control of the form.

    • Rakim Preyer

      He uses the god form because he is leaner in that form faster and has completely mastered that form. He has much more stanima than he would if he was blue

      • d3rd3vil

        How the fuck do you know….he never became SS god anymore. Blue was supposed to be the new version more or less. What is this gonna be now? SS Blue stronger than SS god? Can that really be?

        • lighto

          SSB was implied to be stronger form but with bigger stamina drain, that’s the whole reason they went SSG in manga against Zamasu.

          • Mayukh Mondal

            No, SSG has limitless power, remember? So the whole Limit – Breaker hype makes sense..

    • FearTheSponge

      Ssj Blue Kaioken > Ssj Blue > Ssj God > Ssj 3 > Rest

      Ssj Blue is literally ssj stacked onto ssj god. So yeah, the reason why he didn’t use it before but is using it now is because ssj blue is stronger.

      • Mayukh Mondal

        Nope. SSG ‘s limitless power makes it stronger than SSB…

        • FearTheSponge

          Ssg isn’t like a broly form, he just was mastering it more and more and being able to use it better, he does the same with ssj blue.

    • lighto

      SSB takes too much stamina, SSG takes barely any stamina at all. Writer’s logic is good if you can understand things that were implied by them like 4 times every arc.

  • Manuel Martinez

    Who are the two little twins that make the choices

    • Julian Andres

      done bother watching if you dont know

    • Mohammad Hamza Butt

      Really?? 😛

      • Manuel Martinez

        Who are they thoe like fr😂

  • Creative Copycat
  • The_Haunted

    feel bad for the guy and his family 🙁

  • Viro1four

    The 103rd episode was damp good I basically loved it bcoz I’m a very big fan of gohan and Akita toriyama has finally given gohan a good episode and I loved it to the core

  • ImAnAnimalWhoLovesAnimes

    When this ends those super dragon balls going to be used to resurrect the erased universes And everyone will be happy again ;).

  • SoósGergő

    Ok, 1080p, no ads, pops up first in google search: I am saving this site as a fav.

  • William van den Broeck

    oh god drop those maiden off already , nagging every letter and word in zzzzz

    • FearTheSponge

      They are parodying sailor moon and it’s hilarious.
      17 was even trolling by acting like he was a generic anime villain.

  • David McKale

    Lord Xenos is such a pansy ass character.

    • Aaron Soldier

      You mean Zenos?

      • FearTheSponge


  • Aaron Soldier

    Great episode. But 17 is such an annoying brat

  • NyanPaws

    how is ssG weaker than rat saiyan?

  • Omark

    Finally a great episode and next one will be getting way better too!

  • DragonBall4Ever

    stop complaining dudes. it’s free. how about you have to pay to see the episodes. what are you going to complain then?

  • Pulkit Nagpal

    these videos are not playing today here even with other sources its not running

  • Jack Smith

    even erased the picture, Zen-Oh has no heart.

    • FearTheSponge

      He erased everything form universe 10, every piece of matter.

      • Dan

        It’s a format I’ve seen before. You have the ruler but the one with the real power and the one calling the shots are their advisers. We clearly see that Angels have emotions and very much dislike things and the grand priest seems to get awfully riled up when announcing the erasing of a Universe. He almost seems angry. I wouldn’t doubt if we see a main villain arise via the Grand Priest.

        • FearTheSponge

          Not anytime soon but maybe at the end, cuz they are hoping for 700 episodes.
          That said, Goku is weaker than the weakest god of destruction and so he’s light years away from even whis.

          • d3rd3vil

            But the power level will go up now during the tournament. I think by then Goku should be on Beerus level

          • FearTheSponge

            He won’t not even close

    • Zen-OhHater15

      I’m starting to think that Zen-Oh doesnt know what erasing means. Just think of it, he’s basically a kid doing whatever Grand Priest wants.

      • ibro

        i wish both the Zeh-Ohs gets dethrowed and killed since they are so stupid and slow at pressing the touch pad to mark people off as disqualified…really pisses me off how much of the episode is them just sitting there trying to use the 1 brain cell they have to locate and click the picture

        • abc

          no way, grand priest or guards will protect them

        • Taha Khalid

          what if goku say to Zeh-ohs that they fight each other i know i am a stupid boy LOL

  • Vlad Nedved

    Poor universe 10’s angel Cus. She looked really depressed when Gowasu and Rumsshi started to fade into the thin air.

  • Benny Wong

    hopefully the next DBS the movie will release soon 🙂

  • hemo

    anyone notice how they keep reusing the same scene’s with the grand priest? Team fourstar is gonna have a ball with this in the future, im tempted to make a compilation of each reused scene in each episode.

  • Harry Edwards

    yesss! goku god mode coming soon!!!

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah but why? Really intetesting to see….is that God form stronger than the SS Blue and maybe even Kaioken? Maybe…..but why can he transform like that now? Damn now its getting interesting 🙂

      • Piyush Chauhan

        It is because Super Saiyan God form saves energy and stamina whereas Blue form eats up so much stamina. Goku is smart. He is saving Blue form for Jiren and other stronger warriors.

        • d3rd3vil

          Then why didnt he transform into Ss God earlier like when he tested Krilling and C17 and stuff? All the time we said SS Blue can be regulated. I dont think there would be need of SS God if its weaker than Blue just to save stamina….not so sure

          • Mayukh Mondal

            I think so too..

        • Mayukh Mondal

          No, I don’t think so… The God form is definitely more powerful than SSB, because, if you remember the fight between Beerus and Goku, Goku said that SSG has no limits… And also when Goku told Toppo in the Exhibition Match ,”I’ll show you what happens when I surpass my limit..” hints at the the limitless powers of the Super Saiyan God form..

  • Tajudeen Ahmed

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    • Parth


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    • ibro

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    • FearTheSponge

      There are 2 nameks in universe 6’s team, we already knew about this even though they just showed up for the first time. It was either leaked or revealed on the official site about them, I think they even have names and info about them, infos about a half week or week old.

  • Parth

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    • Taha Khalid

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  • Creative Copycat
  • Creative Copycat

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  • Panisales Rebson

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    meh…. and why not replace Master Roshi with Cell as well… LOOOOOL!!!

    • FearTheSponge

      Krillin and Tien might very well be stronger than Dabura at this point, but I doubt Dabura even likes fighting since his change.

      Cell is 100% artificial, the androids are humans turned into cyborgs via augmentation, Cell on the other hand is purely a creation of dr gero, that means he has no soul, that means that he literally just doesn’t exist anymore in any capacity.

      Not to it would matter, there are plenty of people who would low diff Dabura and Majin Buu around.

      • Akaalis

        aah I don’t know about Tien and Krillin being stronger than Dabura, that’s kind of like saying they’re just as strong as Majin Buu….

        Also to correct you Cell does have a soul despite being created in a petri-dish. Since he did end up going down to Hell…

        • FearTheSponge

          Majin Buu has gotten a lot stronger as well so that’s just not true.

          Anyway “since he did end up going down to hell”
          That was only a filler thing, in canon he hasn’t been shown since his death, sorry but he has no soul and he’s gone gone, though the super dragonballs can wish him back like it will the zeno destroyed universes of course but that likely won’t happen.

  • Hugo Wong

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    • Akaalis

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  • Walker Booy

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  • geo

    As i thought. There wasn’t some grand conspiracy with the angels. It all comes down to their personal thoughts on things.

    Universe 9 Angel just hated his universe because it was practically a garbage dump filled with criminals. When they were looking for their warriors you could see how he felt in his reactions to things going on.
    Universe 10 angel enjoyed working in her universe so she was truly sad about having it erased.

    As for the great priest, he seems to have an empirical outlook on the universes. Watching them fight like this for the fate of their universes probably entertains him as much as it does Zen-oh who is probably the only being he sees as actually mattering outside the angels.

    And Zen-oh’s erasing of the losing universes is reminiscent of a little kid playing with bugs then crushing them when he is bored of them. It is just the universes that are his bugs.

    • Steve Wood

      There is a somewhat outside possibility that the great priest is actually the evil one, we are still yet to find out who the warrior “stronger than the gods” is. I have a theory that grand priest and strongman bob (who ever it turns out to be) work together in Killing Zen oh, and subjugating the angels to his control.

      There is a theory of a new form for Goku, so Zen oh being murdered in a coup could be enough to trigger a new transformation.

      Like I said, a long shot, but this is one of the paths I could see going for the show.

      • d3rd3vil

        Mhh him killed could really be a trigger but I was hoping for Jiren being stronger than the gods here.

      • Marshall Law

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  • Marc van der Meijden

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  • https://www.instagram.com/rdittylyfe/ SwoleSlav

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    didnt they get ranked 2nd from the bottom from the gods?
    this is making it too eeasy

    • Ádám Jóvér

      That was average level of all individuals in the universe. Average means nothing if the highest doesn’t deviate far enough from that. You can have a million babies and 1 goku and you can have a million krillins, based on the averages the krillins rank higher.

  • Taha Khalid

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  • Taha Khalid

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  • wowlock

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    • Marshall Law

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  • fwe fwo

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    Super continues to get more and more confusing, and manages to screw up the canon even more than Toriyama ever did, and he didn’t even screw that much up during the manga’s original run. Despite his reputation for being senile when it comes to his own work, I’ve read the manga more times than I can count, and I haven’t found a single inconsistency of such magnitude.

    Off the top of my head, there was that whole power level era, with Frieza’s 2nd form being the last official number during the Namek arc, but that’s about it. You know, Vegeta barely getting any stronger from his Earth battle Zenkai, then being toe to toe with Frieza’s 1st form at 500,000 PL, while Boku went from 60,000 (no Kaioken) during his fight with Ginyu, to having at least over a million PL after his Zenkai to fight Frieza’s Final Form on almost equal foot, and then Piccolo going from probably under 100,000 to over a million just by fusing with that other guy (forgot his name), when his PL was just 40,000 if I remember correctly, etc. etc.

  • Jon Callaway

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    Piccolo: NO!

    Rubalt: The hell do you mean no!? *sees the energy orbs* Ooh… Oooooh…. Oooooooooh shit…


    Rubalt: Aw, man it’s even got a cool name- *BOOM*

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