Dragon Ball Super episode 18 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 18 Dubbed: “I’ve Come Too! Training Begins on Beerus’ Planet!”


  • Shyguy

    That’s me singing the outro! F that’s cool.

    • Joshua Carnine


    • Black Super Saiyan Gawd™


      • Shyguy

        Yeesss, there we go. Now it’s real! Que NiN – Hurt.

  • Matt

    Wow, I forgot how bad the animation was in these early episodes. damn its rough to watch.

    • Jimmy98166

      Honestly uve never watched dragon ball z then… Shit was like crayon art compared to now

  • Anon123456789

    Champa’s Voice…

  • Olivier Couillard

    Omg they dubbed the intro D:

    • You dumb shit!

      ? uh no they didn’t?
      Fucking moron!

  • Gokes

    Vegeta said piss and Goku said poo

  • We Got Deathstar

    Vegeta had the option of picking the blue apron, but no he picks the pink one lol.

    • Azaer

      Well do you rememebr what he wore when they were waiting for frieza to come back to earth the first time too :P?

      • We Got Deathstar

        Yeah, that’s whole reason why I made that comment.

  • charSauBece

    This reminds me when Turtle Hermit (master Roshi) taught Goku and Krillin back in the day lmao

  • Lee Walton

    “What are you DOING? You can’t piss there!!! Use the TOILET!”