Dragon Ball Super episode 21 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 21 : “The Revenge Begins! The Vicious Freeza Army Attack Gohan!”


  • Aerisot

    It took me way to long to remember that frog was Captain Ginyu.

  • Oliver


  • Lol

    This is my favorite episode so far

  • Lol

    The ginyu force are my favorite characters, especially ginyu himself

  • Haji Mari

    Haji Mari Haji Mari

    • Haji no mari

      Haji Mari Haji Mari

  • Anthony Carey

    lol the gay sqaud lol

  • Kuhile Brodeur

    It’s so weird hearing Luffy be a wimp.

  • Phoenix Fire

    Stronger than the Ginyu force? Not really much of a milestone. Piccolo was about 5x stronger after fusing with Nail, and immeasurably stronger after fusing with Kami. He went toe to toe with the Androids and Cell ffs.

    Seem the writers behind Super dont understand what consistency is.

    • Oak

      sorbet measured tagomas power with the scouter BEFORE tagoma powered up so sorbet said that tagomas base form was stronger than the power rangers of DBZ

    • Biteme

      And this is why i hate nerds, you can’t be happy with anything, it’s unbelievable how entitled and over-bearing you are

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        Thank you, Biteme. I wish people could just be fucking happy that they’re still producing canon. Unbelievable how arrogant and ungrateful people are. “Oooh that was stupid how they did this, I could write Dragon Ball content so much better.” So annoying.

        • Alfie Hunt

          They make characters as strong as they need to be. Take the turtle hermit for example. I gave up on consistency in the dragon ball universe long ago.

          • Manored

            Truth. The original series was such a power escalator, they killed all future hopes of consistency. I mean, the Z-fighters end up far outpacing everyone else in the galaxy who isn’t a god or an utter monster. Not saying it wasn’t good, but they could have escalated threats without making each villain 100 times stronger than the previous.

      • Phoenix Fire

        Its got nothing to do with being a nerd you fuckwit. This is just another instance of massively retarded writing. DBS is filled with Inconsistencies and poor writing.

        Im sorry that you’re such a massive fanboy that criticism immediately equates to being “entitled” and “Overbearing” in your sad little mind. How exactly do either of those descriptions fit what i said?

        I was talking about an inconsistency in the plot that was so stupid and easily avoidable, by simply saying “oh, they rival your power in your 3rd form” or some shit, or just by not having piccolo get smashed by him.

        • Biteme

          I’m the fanboy?… i’m not the one crying and pissing myself on forums that the story is inconsistent… remember, the writing is done by Akira Toriyama you moron, he writes the plot, others animate it…

        • Chris Soprano

          yeah they compared a week mother fucker to someone week what is your problem the guy isnt supposed to be strong you fucking moron

        • Chris Soprano

          ok i didnt watch this episode before commenting did you not here the mother fucker say he was training with frieza’s training partenr ok lets break it down he was supposbly week before and in 4 months frieza went from his origanl self to the power of a god you dont think his training partenr did grow a shit ton in stregnth too he is a fucking alien as well you have no idea the potential of his race but bitch cause his power went up so high so fast and call inconsisten wrighting you’re a fucking idiot

  • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

    The fact that Frieza is excited by the fact that Goku will be enraged when he returns to see his fallen comrades…. Frieza, you’re an idiot. Don’t you remember what happened last time you enraged a Saiyan? Don’t you know that Super Saiyan is literally achieved by channeling rage? Silly Frieza. This is why you get destroyed every time you appear.

    • Alfie Hunt

      Well I mean he is stronger than Goku right now.

      • Mzima Mortensen

        He isn’t though

  • DBMess

    krillen is now a badass