Dragon Ball Super episode 45 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 45 : “Vegeta Disappears?! The Threat of Duplicated Vegeta!”


  • Cabba

    “Legendary of Lucky”

    • Göktan Özbayram

      A month ago?

      • SSJ-Mad

        he has done it to link lol


      You’re corny, son.

  • SSJ-Mad

    Amazing Episode! when Copy Vegeta Fought Goku and copyed his Kamehameha i was so surprised.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

      Episode isnt even today. It’s golden week in Japan.

      • floppy biscuit

        50 mins ep 45 is live

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

          Counter is automatic

          • floppy biscuit

            i just watched live ep 45 lol what you talking about troll? next week episode 46 to so no idea what u on bout

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

            episode didnt air. What you saw was a replacement version.

      • seventhfonist425

        Uhh, google golden week, that happened a month ago.

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

          platinum month plus tho

      • SSJ-Mad

        ??? its out tho

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon


  • Maria Fuentes

    Damn, there’s so much publicity.

  • David

    its not even subbed

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

      It’s a fkn livestream -.-

    • Vegasss

      Mr. retarded has come to town. It’s a livestream from japan.

  • KakkaFighter

    Where are the subs? This is bullshit

    • David Wilson

      It’s a livestream from Japan dumbass

      • Maxime Boulay

        calm down obviously he didn’t know, look at the site title, and use you head a littlee

  • Ghz

    Why it doesn’t start? Raw times is over

  • Ben Cigola

    This is crazy

  • Ben Cigola

    First the live stream won’t play now every website the raw isent on

  • Damerow

    I wish it wouldn’t say “subbed” until they actually upload the sub.

    • Richard Leal

      Technically “subbed” means “subtitled” and if you can see those asian letter on the video, those are asian subtitles. What you mean is that you wish they wouldn’t say ‘subbed’, you wish they would say ‘English-subbed-3’

      • SSJ-Mad

        No need to throw his words off even know you mean well, of course he means English Subtitles lol

      • Nunya Biznuss

        what a smartass just shut up

        • X Master U

          Bardock you need to whoop his ass and show him the power of the First Super Sayian

      • Manuel Lopez

        Did you even see the entire video? There are only subtitles during the intro, not the whole episode. So technically, this episode is not subbed in either Japanese or English.

      • dasfsg

        you stupid lazy ass niggah

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

        Those japanese writings aren’t even subtitles. It says subtitles because of SEO.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Good greif , these have been the most boring 2 episodes out side of the BOG and ROF repeats … Now it’s going to be a triology and carry over to the next week … I’ll pass on ep 46 … Also When the hell are Funimation gonna DUB THIS ! Really Pissing me off …. Lazy BUMS ! We’re almost 50 eps in and they haven’t even started.. [email protected] Funimation

    • SSJ-Mad

      They predicting 73 episodes in the entire series.

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        doubt it … the trunks arc should take up atleast 12-15 episodes… also the final touranment arc should take up 20 or more episodes .. i say 100 eps total

        • https://www.evolvehq.com/players/an63rx3r0 Paulo Miranda

          They already announced somewhere that DBS was going to have 100 episodes total

          • SSJ-Mad

            Probably like one punch man, not many episodes but there will be a season 2, just like DBS will have no doubt, or a long break

        • SSJ-Mad

          Yeah its been 14.67 episodes per arc so your pretty much right, if things go well there maybe like 200 episodes. According to Anime Live Reactions

      • Pat

        I pretty sure they said there predicting 72 MORE episodes

        • SSJ-Mad

          oops yeah 72

    • SSJ-Mad

      Also about the dubs, Maybe because they don’t have the rights yet, These slice of life episodes are important for character development, they may not be intense which is what DBS is missing for a majority of there episodes! Akira Toriyama should of thought more about DBS, someone needs to do something about it. it has to stop and needs serious redesigning, i love DBS but i would like to see more than just a SSGSS Kaikoken for intensity.

    • Caine

      You’re cancer dude.

    • Bro_609

      Funimation will never DUB DBS because they didn’t land the contract. It’s some weird compagny in Norway or something like that that will dub DBS and they already begin.

  • Ben Cigola

    Can someone let me know how to close the add ?

    • Rec 101

      Adblock, you stupid Trump loving assface.

  • Rob Tek

    ahhaha oh i wish the children would shut the fuck up….. seriouisly shut the fuck up

  • Mhar Tabios

    I cant watch on my phone, too much links on the video cannot play it directly

  • Alphons Potters

    O my god this proves how weak SSJ3 Gotenks is compared to Goku and Vegeta now…

    • Jose

      Foreal smh

    • 2shadez

      I mean it makes sense that’s actually a good thing cause if SSJ3 Gotenks was on par or stronger than vegeta the whole arcs with beerus frieza and champa,and training with whis would have been bullshit to the entire plots and lift a huge plot hole. lol

    • FiveNine

      Yea but vegeta was in normal form, not even in Super Saiyan. That’s a big too much difference.

      • Dillon McGee

        remember beers vs goku 3?

        • FiveNine

          That’s what i’m saying. There’s no consistency. That comparison would mean that normal form Vegeta is now as strong as Beerus? Since SSJ3 Gotenks would equal SSJ3 Goku in the Goku=Gotenks vs Beerus=Vegeta fights

          • Knowledge

            You must have just started watching dragon ball yesterday bc you know very little

          • FiveNine

            Nice argument you have there. Beerus wiped the floor with SSJ3 Goku without even trying. Vegeta wiped the floor with SSJ3 Gotenks without even trying. What’s there not to understand? Either disprove my valid comparison or pick a direction in which you would like to fuck off.

          • MrJojo

            That was before goku and vegeta attained the power of gods. Both of them in their base forms are now as powerful, if not more powerful, than goku was during his rematch with beerus in battle of gods

          • Michael Blub

            So his point stands MrJojo…. Beerus whiped Goku in his ssj3 form without trying. Now this Vegeta whiped Gotenks in his ssj3 form without trying. Gotenks ssj3 was as strong or still stronger than Goku ssj3.
            So this mean base Vegeta is just as strong as Beerus. Which means, Hit is far stronger than Beerus, since SsjBlue Vegeta got rekt by Hit. This also mean Champa is far stronger than Beerus, since Champa was about to kill Hit if the Omni-king didn’t pay them a visit. Yet both of them was shown to be on par with each other during the tournament arc. Hence, it’s inconsistent…

          • Evan

            In Battle of Gods Goku was on par with a Beerus going at about 70%(said by Beerus in the English dub movie). It’s estimated by many people in the online Dragon Ball community that by the Freeza fight that both Goku and Vageta got up to about 80% of Beerus’ power. And yes Beerus destroyed ssj3 Goku, which is probably a bit stronger than ssj3 Gotenks. But by this time in the series after training for the tournament you have to think that Vageta and Goku are just about equal with Beerus(which honestly is probably Toriyama writing himself into a corner again). I think it’s believable that a Vageta, even base form, would be far superior to ssj3 because his power has increased dramatically and so has his control over his ki

          • Michael Blub

            The problem is, why would Frieza be scared of Beerus if he attained a form stronger than Goku ssjBlue who is in ur eyes about as strong as Beerus? Goku even admitted Frieza being stronger in his golden form and was lucky enough that Frieza was unable to control it properly. By Frieza’s expression, we can conclude during RoF: Whis > Beerus > Golden Frieza > Goku SSJB = Vegeta SSJB > Goku base > Vegeta base

            And it would still not make any sense. That means Hit > Beerus, since Goku SSJB was weaker. Meaning Champa is stronger than Beerus, since Champa was about to whipe Hit.

            Base Vegeta should obviously be stronger than Gotenks Ssj3. However, it still doesn’t make sense the gap is that huge if we compare it with their previous feats. I mean, Vegeta in SsjBlue couldn’t even do anything against Hit, meaning Goku surpassed Vegeta during the tournament arc, while they were around as equal during the RoF arc.

          • Evan

            One of the best people I’ve seen as far as power scaling in the DB/DBZ/DBS/GT universe is Dragon Ball Nation on YouTube, he ends up basing his power scales off of each character, because things stated in the show/movies(which is what I had referred to in my previous comment) are inconsistent due to the way Toriyama writes. So while the things I stated are true, as far as what has been said about where the characters power levels are at, Toriyama changes things as he goes and that allows for a lot of room for error as has been pointed out. I merely brought up what has been said in the movies(which are now in a gray area as far as canonization now with DBS rewriting what took place). But I agree the power scaling used in the movies does not line up with Super anymore

          • Hit

            I was using a time skip

          • Michael Blub

            I don’t get ur comment. What was ur original comment, since “I was using a time skip” is a really vague comment if I can’t find ur original comment.

          • oneiopen

            The fact that you think ss3 gotenks is anywhere near the strength of ss3 goku is pretty hilarious.

          • FiveNine

            Why wouldn’t he be? They are 2 super saiyans, plus fusion makes them stronger than both put together, and the ss3 form. Remember fights vs majin buu

          • Dillon McGee

            Yea true it should be closer to him being Half as strong as him – so that when he goes super Ceyenne blue so that when he goes super god he is 100 times stronger Or such

          • “L”

            That just means that Beerus was using 1% of power against Goku, not that Vegeta is as strong as Beerus.

            If Mike Tyson knocks a little kid out in one punch, and you do too, that doesn’t mean you’re as strong as Mike Tyson.

            Just like if Usain Bolt easily beats a fat guy in a race, and you also easily beat a fat guy in a race, that doesn’t mean you’re as fast as Usain Bolt either.

          • Silent98

            It’s actually possible for Vegeta to be as strong as Beerus at the time Goku fought him in his SSJ3 form. Because Beerus had told Goku at the end of the fight that he was only using a small fraction of his power. So Vegeta and Goku in there normal states would be able to be as strong as Beerus at that time with Beerus still being way stronger then both Goku and Vegeta

      • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

        Kill yourself you fuck

  • Alavin

    This isn’t subbed.

    • dragonball-super-45-pl.rfv.pl


      Link obok Avataru

    • EnderSoul27

      Did you not see the timer when it is gonna be subbed??

      • ur dad

        it is subbed the whole thing is subbed

      • Martell

        Where’s the timer?

        • EnderSoul27

          It depends… are you on a phone or pc?

  • Gregory Whan

    So it says 1 hour 30 mins till subbed, anybody else getting that?

  • Viggo T.

    Just as I predicted..Goku comes in the nick of time to fight TOE JAM-Vegeta. Goku wins this fight. Blah blah ..blah same filler same rehash. Whats the excuse this time?! If I want to see real Goku vs Vegeta fight id watch DBZ.

    • Knowledge

      Then go see it and stop watching dbs

  • anime 4k

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 ! English Subs!

    http://goo .gl/vHilff

  • Ameer Sadiq

    why so many dislikes?

    • Rec 101

      b/c this was a shit episode, AGAIN!

      • Knowledge

        Yet you keep watching it so you must enjoy something…

        • Annyonny

          I see that when people post negative comments about the show you’re there to respond with something like, “just don’t watch it then.” People are allowed to express valid criticism of the show. In fact, if an episode is actually bad, like this one was, it should be encouraged for people to point it out. And it doesn’t help to have constant remarks like yours which add nothing to the discussion. People don’t have to like something in order to watch it. Deal with it.

  • William Motionless Conwell

    why are the episodes so damn short 🙁

    • EnderSoul27

      Its about 20 min long… if you want a 1h thing then go do it yourself or watch a dbz/dbs movie

  • ogfajsdf

    I will go out and kill myself now

  • Pranta Chowdhury

    It looks like Monaka is serious in the 20:12 time

  • Marcus Humphrey

    This episode was terrible

  • Splam

    It’s subbed for me

  • Tom

    seriously ??

    • Tom

      is that soother?

    • PerfectHarmony

      I guess this is a hint for Baby Vegeta from DBGT because Copy Vegeta is evil too.

      • Rec 101

        its because he won’t disapear with that in his mouth, lol.

  • Ichi-nii

    You know what this episode wasn’t that bad, I mean its just rehashing stuff done before like Majin Vegeta and Goku and Vegeta’s Saiyan Saga fight, but, I did enjoy this it didn’t advance the story it didn’t develop a thing but it was alittle bit fun to see Goku and a fake Vegeta going at it.


    • _Flip_

      I just wish they were a bit Smarter… like, bring up references of Majin Buu or something lol.

    • no name no game

      honestly, it’s gonna get a lot better when future trunks shows

    • Annyonny

      You’re right it wasn’t THAT bad but it was still pretty bad. They had an opportunity to turn this into some fun Goten and Trunks filler material where they save the day all on their own by working together. There was no need for Goku and Vegeta to get involved, really. I’m confused as to why the show seems so obsessed with stuffing the whole “Goku vs Vegeta” and “Goku and Vegeta and no one else are the stars of the whole series” narratives down our throats. And I’m disappointed that we’re being jerked around with this Copy Vegeta B.S. instead of being allowed to witness a proper, legit, fair fight between actual-Goku and actual-Vegeta. I don’t even particularly care about seeing such an encounter at this point, but if we’re ever going to, it would be gratifying to actually get to see it already and have them stop dangling that carrot in front our faces forever.

      • Nny

        Maybe because last time Toriyama tried killing off Goku permanently and making Gohan the star, fans went ballistic and demanded Goku be brought back. So, they’re just giving the fans what they want, and nothing else.

  • Majdi Rekik

    why would they fucking end the episode before the fighting begins

    • EnderSoul27

      They are all about those cliff hangers

  • misal

    come on now, the whole op but weak thing is getting out of hand

  • Tyrone Pearson

    Why is base form Goku so much stronger than SSJ 3 Gotenx? I could understand Goku just going SSJ and being stronger than ssj3, but to be so much stronger just in base form what? It doesn’t make sense for Caba to be as strong as Vegeta in base form and yet never became a SSJ until Vegeta pushed Cabba to be one

    • no name no game

      Cabba is a prodigy. Buu is about 5% of Beerus’ power. SSJ 3 Gotenks is about that much too. Goku absorbing God Ki has made his base form about 30% as strong as Beerus.

  • EnderSoul27

    80% of the comments are complaning about subs…

  • EnderSoul27

    How many people have the bardock ssj pic

  • Kureyş Alp Kılıç

    Vegeta will suck the key so he will not dissappear

    • gregory


  • http://universeshinobi.deviantart.com ✬Jumbo-Shrimp✬

    Can the Copy Vegeta go Super Saiyan?

  • Jorrel Doe

    I’m not the only one who saw Vegeta sucking on a pacifier right?

    • Kakazu

      Lol you can barely see it but he is sucking it I didn’t even notice that 🙂

    • SSJ-Mad

      he was also flying, i guess the pacifier gave back his powers temporarily, and i guess vegeta will be like No! i am the one who will kill Kakkorot, blah blah blah. Vegeta kills Copy Vegeta.

  • SSJ-Mad

    Could it be that black Goku is just a superhuman water copy Goku? If so i would be really disappointed, Toeis excuse to draw like shit lol


    I think This whole “exact copy” Thing is a cheap excuse by Toriyama-sama to The fans who Want to see a fare ‘n square fight between Goku and Vegeta! Non The less still interesting how he drags things out until that actually happens!????

    • Alan Mosco-Arias

      I see your point but if you remember. when majin vegeta was fighting ssj2 goku. at that time goku had ssj3 up his sleeve. meaning he was passed vegeta. Right now goku maxes out at SSG/SSB. this super water vegeta is supposedly supposed to multiply by a thousand. even if that mean at vegetas base form was muliplied by the thousand. hes the same as goku right now aside from kioken. so maybe were in for a plot twist…

      • Knowledge

        No sorry you’re wrong what you didnt hear is that that was a rumor and thats all vegeta power

  • Krishna Bissessar

    Wtf yo I kinda wanted to see ssj blue gotenks that would be badass af I’m real tired of goku getting the spotlight ALL the time…if fucking vegeta dies I’m not gonna watch Dbs anymore lol but overall good episode I just hope we don’t get disappointed with a sorry ass 30 second fight…then again I don’t wanna see shit like frieza vs goku.

    • rahl163

      i mean its not like they couldnt bring vegeta back…..

    • Louis Belmonte

      Everything about Frieza and Goku was perfect. This plot is good. It’s just moving too fast

  • MasterJergen

    Lol dbs just isnt dbz man. The plot is cool but the scenes just suck

  • AizenSamaKing X

    I told everyone over a year ago… Vegeta and Kakarot in base form during resurrection of Frieza are above SSJ3. No one believed it. DBZ can’t top the power of Super. Yeah, DBZ is still the most amazing anime animation since 1984 and 1990s, but in Super the power has increased dramatically. Got Golden Shenron the size of the freakin universe…

  • ZWARRIOR2000

    this is a cool episode i feel like copy vegeta is copying episode 5 animation XD

  • FACE

    Vegeta low key wants Copy-Vegeta to beat goku.

    • SSJ-Mad

      nahhhh vegeta wouldn’t want anyone to kill Goku only him.

  • Alan Mosco-Arias

    everyones complaining about this episode but if you think about it this is classic toriyama. remember the black water mist in the garlic jr. saga? kinda the same concept with the evil super water.

  • Sleepy Champuru

    Im stoked for the next episode

  • J Aleu

    Everything from now on happens in Goku’s eye.

  • Boaz Matlack

    The blue form isnt really the best anymore, considering they can harness the raw power in their base form. The speed and stamina cannot be adopted so they have to sacrafice endurance for speed and stamina if they go blue

  • Voco

    I’ve always liked Vegeta, he plays the underdog well. I hope Goku kills him with one blow and copy Vegeta has a humbling existential experience where he realizes his entire life is because of Goku’s good will.

    • Knowledge

      Wtf are you talking about do you even know

      • Voco

        After Goku’s fight with Hit, his passive strength would have increased dramatically. This combined with the World King Fist would make short work of Vegeta.

  • Casey Paskel

    Oh hey look, Majin Vegeta all over again! Just with more interesting gimmicks.

  • Nero

    I really do enjoy this but the only part i do not like of the dragon ball super is none of it is english dub all is just sub I hope it will be dub so we can hear it and understand it

  • Nero

    Because then we can hear it and instead of hearing jap people yellng I would rather ear the english dub much more better I say

  • Sammy Harbors

    Three minutes… lol

  • Dat Boi

    Why was gotenks so ass like yea vegeta of course has gotten a lot stronger but still seeing him do absolutely nothing kinda hurts

  • Dajka László

    Don’t know why but I could never really like Gotenks

  • Mukul Shende

    why the fuck would they consistently draw goku badly?

  • Tanuj Satish

    good episode

  • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

    Fuck niggers!

  • Tortilla Chip

    Would’ve been way cooler if Gotenks had used Super Ghost Kamikaze.

  • _ askdaxbox _


  • Matt

    This translation accurate?

  • campking

    trunks and gotern are the masters of fusion

  • Jamie Legends

    Episode is offline

  • Soulspeaker

    Where is the video? Why are you guys missing so many eps.?

  • FriendsCallMeBatman

    Another Broken iFrame.

  • HevtiG-Sama

    It is subbed to me and i loved it a lots. f yeah!

  • Alex

    I just wanna state i feel robbed. Not by this episode but I really just wanted a straight savage episode of Vegeta wrecking someone. Little dialogue just give me twenty minutes of him purely destroying someone and having the z fighters watch awe struck. The Raw angry prideful side Vegeta. I was really hoping in the movie and in the episodes when Frieza was brought back that would of happened. Would of been amazing to see Vegeta go raw and pull off that blast on Frieza and talk about how this was for all Saiyans. Without it being turned into a show of power by Whis. I understand how that opened a door tho and set precedence for Hit. I love how the show is keep on keeping on. Started watching Dragon Ball 21 years ago what a ride.

  • gh

    Goku annoying stupid ass

  • oberdamujigae

    he just said to defeat him in under 3 minutes.
    so 1 episode will be 1 minute?

  • Ainesh Borkar

    Omg I said “Gotenks is here” the same time as they said XDD