Dragon Ball Super episode 70 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 70 : “Title”


  • Hillbilly Bob

    this is shit

  • Kittehpoomage

    is it not going to be live this week?

    • Kittehpoomage

      never mind

  • mike hawk

    yamcha death pose LMAO i was in tears

  • Bavid Gonzalo Vila Cruz
  • Corey Jason Cochran

    Goku’s first pitch and Champa’s reaction XDXDXD

  • Mehh Pachuau

    i think its true now gohan is gonna be the main character in the new arc

  • YamchaDeathPose

    ROFL Almost pissed myself when they showed Yamcha in his original death pose. Literally spit my drink all over the place.

  • darkracer

    best episode so far. i nearly pissed myself

  • Elroy

    I always hated the filler and jokes in DB Super, but I got to admit, this one was hilarious. I suspected before that Akira Toriyama watched TFS’s Dragon Ball Abridged, but now I am certain of it.

    • Ed

      Exactly LOL

      • Neutral Stroke

        Uhhh… Akira Toriyama didn’t handle this did he? Usually for super he just gives out bullet points and tells them to go at it.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    I want a spin-off series of Dragon Base Ball now!

  • bamesj

    Okay, might not be fighting, but this episode is pretty great. Only bad thing is their hands are wrong when they’re batting.

    • Simon

      best filler so far in super rivals diver’s license in Z

    • angiath stormblade

      That may be the point – remember, they don’t actually know baseball.

  • JUX

    I enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I was going to… who would’ve thought… SSG Goku vs SSG Vegeta in baseball lol classic

    • Andrew Jones

      That’s “SSGSS Goku vs SSGSS Vegeta”

      • Kamijou Touma

        thats SSB Goku vs SSB Vegeta


          That’s the name you know fool, It’s SSGSS (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan), which means powers of a Super Saiyan God in a Super Saiyan.

          • Tom Restaino

            Commonly referred to as SSB: Super Saiyan Blue

          • Patrick

            SSB, SSGSS is the red one isn’t it ?

          • GamerMax MC5/UT


            SuperSayanJGodBlue, lets not forget that who knows why super sayan is SSJ

            SSJB is correct too

            red is SSJG

            you can name them SSJG1 and SSJG2

          • GamerMax MC5/UT

            a super sayan becoming super sayan using super sayan god and being a supper sayan blue!

          • GamerMax MC5/UT


            SuperSayanJGodBlue, lets not forget that who knows why super sayan is SSJ

        • GamerMax MC5/UT

          SSJGB! SSJ=Super sayan G=God B=Blue SSJGB but you said true too

      • GamerMax MC5/UT

        SSJGB! SSJ=Super sayan G=God B=Blue SSJGB

  • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®

    Did Bulma really just cheered for both Vegeta and Yamcha? HOE LEVEL OVER 9000!!

    • JUX

      That’s why Vegeta was killing him the whole time lol

      • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

        So true

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      ???Holy fuck ????

  • HarisRana

    Kuririn : I’ve seen that pose some where .. xD Poor yamcha ..
    Well the glimpse of next episode says that Hit will definitely kill Goku and still Gohan is still worthless .. because of his family .. Now this time Whis will help them now beerus

  • ?Samic?

    Notice how, Champa says to Gohan. You’re a strong one, aren’t you. That plus the hints from the Future Trunks Arc; might mean that Gohan’s making a come back.

    • NorthwindJME

      If that was true then he should not have moved.

      • ?Samic?

        @NorthwindJME He took a throw from a full power Goku. Take that into consideration. FULL POWER…

    • Michael S

      it was a sarcastic pun.

    • Shaikidow

      Well, y’know, if he hadn’t been at least as strong as he is, he would’ve been killed…

  • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

    Best filler episodes EVER!!! Enjoyed it fully!!

  • Ricky CallmeKing Bias
  • Andre

    Where’s the damn feast scene? Whole point of Champa’s goal. What a waste.

    • Tom Restaino

      Vados is always trying to get Champa to lose weight, so she tricked him into exercising.

  • justinchao

    Damn this episode was hilarious!!! Love this anime!

  • Sakuraba

    haha this is when saibaman destroyed him rite?

  • Sakuraba
  • Robert Meredith

    Yamcha was more muscular back then now he’s as skinny as a twat


      Same is with Goku too, FYI.

    • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

      Laziness of the character artists

  • Ravi Rathore

    What is the ball made of….. Katchin???????? O_o

  • Pakari

    I think Vegeta’s dislike of being there wasn’t because he hated Champa’s team, or baseball in general. He’s just pissed that he’s on the same team as Kakarot’s son.

    “Baseball’s the one thing he’s good at.” Yamcha was an average fighter, but a BRILLIANT BASEBALL PLAYER!

    That throw from Goku.. I’ll get the Dragon Balls.

    Yamcha is badass again!

    Saiyan logic: Hit everyone and you win.

    I retract my previous Yamcha statement.

    “A-and for this victory.. I want to thank the Saibaman who blew me up..” We’ve come full circle!

  • somerandomdbdudeordudette

    Nice episode 🙂

  • Ashick

    Man, why did Yamcha stop being a martial artist, he should really have more screen time imo, like if u agree.

  • YouNex

    The video cuts all the time ! Wtf is that

  • Mofiz

    “I remember seeing this pose somewhere”

  • Shell Master Tortwag

    And THIS is why any sports parody using a Shounen universe with characters as OP as the DB cast is worth the trouble. They even put a Dr.Slump typical gag with the fly on the ball, and then made Yamcha’s death pose an official joke both in the games (Yamcha Instant Death if killed by a Saibamen in Budoka 3) and in the anime.

    Gosh, we NEED more sports parodies. It could easily get crazier than Inazuma Eleven XD
    But seriously, did anyone else got Samurai Champloo vibe from Vegeta’s “hit everyone and win” logic? I sure as heck did.

  • lolster

    download like dont work ._.

  • Jamie Legends

    Vados such beauty

  • Jamie Legends
    • Patrick

      You’re talking about logic, when there’s a floating homosexual-elf-angel’ish creature aboveand you are oblivious to ?


  • Simon

    Yes the legendary yamcha pose FTW

  • CiscotheSoto

    This was probably the best if not one of the best episodes I have seen from DBS so far. It brought yamaha into the spotlight, it involved some humorous moments between Champa and Beerus, it showed that Vegeta still hates Yamcha for his past with Bulma, and it shows that Champa and beers are slowly changing, kind of. Although I’m confused why Champa even wanted food from Earth in the first place. Was the Earth in Universe 6 unwilling to give him food?

    • Luther Rigby

      “Yamaha” LMAOOO

  • Omark

    Finally are the trash filler episodes over.

  • KnOw-All BrAr

    It was so funny when..vegeta started throwing flashes back to back!!! Lol.. I enjoyed the episode so much!!!

  • HikaruYami

    I really don’t understand funimation’s obsession with giving the sub’s opening song lyrics that would work for a dubbed song. Like, this isn’t a karaoke version…. Just translate the lyrics faithfully, no need to warp them to be beat-perfect.

  • DBLeon

    Funniest episode of Dragon Ball period.

  • Avatar

    Anyone noticed that Gohan stood up to Goku’s full strength in his normal state?

    • Swiss Superman 2.0

      The return of Gohan is happnening!!!

    • FearTheSponge

      Did you notice that Yamcha stood up to Beerus ‘s full power in his normal state?


    Vegeta at the the end just standing on his own while everyone else runs to yamcha lol. Like ” who cares? I didn’t have anything to do with it.” lol

  • Godmax

    Oh wow the next episode seems to be great

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    2 things from this episode

    Akira watches TFS Abridged

    Gohan stood up to SSB Goku baseball throw. GOHANS COMING BACK BABY!!!!

    Krillins comment: I’ve seen this pose somewhere before….I’M DYING HERE HAHAHHAHA!!!!

  • Malachi Harris

    This was too fuckin hilarious OMG poor yamcha but it’s about time for the rematch between hit and goku

  • https://www.facebook.com/shroomsky Kevlara92

    so does this mean they’re finally showing blood again?? champa and beerus were both bleeding when they were beating each other up and yancha too in the end.

  • pasta12

    I thought this episode was going to be awful, but that was actually great. I laughed a ton.

  • BitLocker

    Lol, this episode was good. Funny all around. I liked it.

  • Tyler Mathis

    the yamcha thing was amazing. not bad DBS. i still hate you and your still the step child in the DB series but good job

  • Tyler Mathis

    this is like the piccolo goku driving episode

  • Tyler Mathis

    just wish the drawings were better…very very flat most of the time. as flat as naruto filler actually a little worse

  • Zen Hack U
  • Tyler Mathis

    u could see it from space but no one was hurt…k

    • GamerMax MC5/UT


      and some gravity theorys about mass if I go in my ANNOYING GENIUS MODE

  • Tyler Mathis

    why do trunks and goten look at and 6

  • Tyler Mathis

    its like yall forgot yamcha played pro ball

  • El neeeegro

    This episode was stupid waste of time

    • GamerMax MC5/UT


  • Guything47

    i liked this episode it would be better though if Mr.Satan was in the baseball game.

  • kenneth

    how can i download this>???

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkV8jGpslkDb9m5PBEoQUCA Kegz

    Awe I love how vegeta was jealous of Yamcha. It’s nice to see emotion from him now and then for bulma LOL

  • charlie

    that is horrible to yamcha

  • Luxion

    Wooooow Funimation. Thanks for being a dick.

  • Grigorescu Tiberiu

    They even recognized the pose xD